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<p>The purpose of this form is to request an age waiver or variance outside of US Lacrosse age divisions and restrictions. &nbsp;This form is due in by March 1&nbsp;preceding the Spring season. &nbsp;It is valid only for that season if granted.</p>

<p>The purpose of this form is to register your club&#39;s home fields with the KCYLL. &nbsp;If your club has mulitple&nbsp;fields you will need to submit a form for each field.</p>

<p>You can submit this form once you have spoken with opposing club scheduling administrator&#39;s (not coach)&nbsp;agreement on the change. &nbsp;This form is used to make changes to the schedule draft prior to schedule finalization. &nbsp;Once schedule is finalized, changes will once be accommodated due to weather related cancelations. &nbsp;</p> <p>Please review the master schedule when moving a game. &nbsp;</p> <p><a href="http://kcyll.org/MasterGameSchedule.asp?n=101938&amp;org=KCYLL.COM">http://kcyll.org/MasterGameSchedule.asp?n=101938&amp;org=KCYLL.COM</a></p> <p>This form must be submitted by EOB March 10, 2017. &nbsp;Schedule will be posted after those changes are made.</p>

<p>Use this form to report a situation on the field that you felt was not in accordance with the KCYLL by-laws. Or any incident that you feel should be address by the KCYLL Executive Board or KCYLL Discipline Committee.</p>

<p>Please submit your game scores here.</p>