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KCYLL Board Meeting
Wednesday, September 26, 2012
  1. The Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.  Those in attendance included:
Greg Goss – Brookside                                              Michelle Chrisman – Lee’s Summit
Randy Kurt – St. Paul’s                                              Jeremiah Ryden – Blue Valley
Pat Wall – Olathe                                                        Ken Bean – Northland
Jon Birkel – Prairie Village                                          Mike McKenna – Leawood
Janos Glynn – Blue Valley                                         Debbie Ward – Prairie Village
Jack Yates – President                                               Hunter Anderson – Vice President                
Marty Dakan – Secretary
  1.  Approval of Minutes
Jack asked if all had read the minutes and whether there were any corrections.  There being no changes,
Jeremiah made a motion to approve the minutes as written, Mike seconded, and the minutes were approved.
  1.  President’s Report
Applications from 4 potential new lacrosse clubs were received by KCYLL for admittance into the league –
Platte County, Mill Valley, Raymore/Peculiar, and Johnson County Youth Lacrosse.  The Platte County organization has withdrawn their application but, consistent with Article III of KCYLL Constitution, they may resubmit their application for the 2013 season up till January 10, 2013. The other 3 programs, having already submitted applications, will present their proposals in 15 minute increments.  At the end of the presentations, the Board will discuss whether to accept their inclusion into the league.
There was discussion (prior to the presentations) as to the saturation level in some areas of the metropolitan area.  Certain programs are at capacity with player numbers and these new programs could alleviate issues of too many players on teams.  An item on the agenda for our to-be-scheduled meeting in October will be discussion of boundaries for both the existing clubs as well as the new clubs.  Other potential issues for the agenda include:
* The adjustment of teams from grade level to age level (as promoted by US Lacrosse),
* The division of some of the older teams into “A” and “B” divisions (a competition committee would make the decisions),
* The growth of our program.  After planning for 10% growth in members this past year, we ended with a 25% increase in the number of players (mostly in the 3-4th grade level).
* The Planning Committee’s recommendations for the next season will also be discussed. 
All information will be circulated in advance of the October meeting so that Board members can come prepared.
Jack has one year left in his term and welcomes feedback on how last year’s season went as well as his job thus far.  The positions of Vice President, currently held by Hunter Anderson, and Secretary, held by Marty Dakan, are up for election.  A nominating committee will be created to find suitable candidates for these positions and anyone interested in either participating on the nominating committee or being nominated should contact Jack.  Marty Dakan and Hunter Anderson were appointed to the nominating committee.  Others interested in participating on that committee or being nominated to one of the two positions should contact Jack at .
Jack and Hunter have had discussions with SMA and another group concerning field managers and the assumption of other responsibilities currently handled by volunteers, as well as the fees that would be charged for those services.  Jack has also scheduled a meeting with John Dehan at Call the Game to discuss rates for officials in 2013.  Jack hopes to have contracts to present at the next meeting.  Jack expressed his belief that KCYLA has grown to a point where the Board should consider transitioning from reliance on volunteers to professional administration, with the Board and Officers handling the policy and direction issues.
Jack hopes the next Board meeting will be held the second week of October, and he welcomes anyone who has a convenient location for the meeting to contact him. 
  1.  Treasurer’s Report
The final budget for KCYLL’s 2012 season was briefly discussed.  The Club had a beginning balance of $9,231.03.  $58,450 was collected in fees from the various clubs.  $28,500.71 was spent on fields and $28,361.66 was spent on referees, field management and supplies, insurance and the website.  The ending balance was $10,818.66.
  1.  Review of Applications
  1.  Mill Valley  -- represented by Maria Fiscella and Chris Baranczuk
  • Geographic area:  DeSoto School District, North of K-10, West of I-435
  • The group put on a clinic to introduce the sport and 50 players attended. 
  • They currently have 88 players in their fall league and hope to put together 1-2 3rd-4th grade teams, 2 5-6th grade teams and 1 7-8th grade team for 2013
  • The cutoff for the submission of teams is February 15, 2013. 
  • They potentially have 5-6 coaches and great parental involvement (noted as a key component by the Board in the approval of a program).  Players have gravitated to the sport in their area from baseball and football
  • At least half of the players who attended the clinic had equipment and at least 3 had prior playing experience.
  • There might be some boundary conflicts with the Olathe program, which will be explored at the October meeting.
  1. Ray-Pec Monsters – represented by AJ Hembree & JD Bowen
  • Geographic area:  Belton, Pleasant Hill and Raymore-Peculiar School Districts
  • 12 players were attracted to the program without marketing the sport and they hope to get 20 players to field a 3rd-4th grade team for 2013
  • The coaches have prior experience coaching other sports but are new to lacrosse.  They should have a total of 4 coaches for the team, which the Board deemed sufficient for a first year 3-4th grade team. They plan to have all coaches Level 1 certified by the spring through the on-line course
  • They look to Eric Koford, Lee’s Summit HS coach, for help in getting started with their program if they are approved
  • They hope to get dedicated fields for the lacrosse program (the Greenwood fields were mentioned as a possibility as they are equidistant to all schools)
  • Question for Board:  Will there be Level 1 and Level 2 certification training offered in the spring?
  1. Johnson County Youth Lacrosse – represented by Dusty Kilgore
  • Geographic area:  All Shawnee Mission High Schools (including South, North, Northwest and West), excluding Shawnee Mission East
  • Governance Structure:  There are currently no parents involved in the development of the program, so the administration of the program would be handled by Jay Coleman.  Dusty hopes to attract parents once the application is approved.
  • There are currently 2 coaches, but only one who Dusty could name at the time.
  • They have a number of players at the 4-6th grade and 7-8th grade level and hope to attract 15-20 players for each team. 
  • There was a discussion as to the boundaries of the new club, as it infringes on Mill Valley, Olathe and potentially Blue Valley.  Players currently participating in the program run by Dusty would be grandfathered into the Jo Co team.
  • The Board expressed concern that there are currently no parents driving the development of the program and that Dusty will be leaving for Army training after the first of the year.
  • Jack recommended, and the Board and Dusty Kilgore agreed, that Johnson County defer its application for the time being to allow for the development of a parent board and a more complete idea of their boundaries.  The name itself would need to be altered to reflect the true geographic area (once established), as there are a number of programs which already serve Johnson County.
After the presentation of the programs, there was a general consensus amongst Board members that the boundaries of specific Clubs need to be defined and possibly refined.  Some Clubs, such as Prairie Village, Northland, Leawood and Blue Valley are at capacity.  There is also a need to accommodate those players who want to play at Shawnee Mission South.
It was agreed that all new programs be required to use League Athletics and register their teams and players on line in order to provide consistency.
Acceptance of the Mill Valley Proposal:  Greg moved and Jon B. seconded that their application be accepted.  All voted in favor of their inclusion in the league.
Acceptance of the Ray-Pec Proposal:  Mike moved and Pat seconded that their application be accepted.  All voted in favor of their inclusion in the league.
  1. New Business
Mike asked about feedback on the report cards from last season.  Jack spent time after each week reading through the cards and, if there were issues, contacted the program director if there were issues with coaches and John Dehan where there were issues with the officials.  It was agreed that there is a need for better communication between the officials and the coaches.  Jack will raise this issue with Call the Game and with the Field Managers during pre-season training.
  Marty read from the minutes of the June meeting the suggestion that a meeting be held between the referees and the coaches prior to the start of each game, defining the age-appropriate calls for that particular game.  There is also under discussion the segregation of all 2nd grade games to one field, as well as 3-4th and 5th grade games each to their own fields.  By moving 5th grade games back to grass fields, there shouldn’t be any confusion as to rules for that age group vs. those used for 6th through 8th grade games.
Jack asked for feedback on the report card forms prior to the printing of the forms for the 2013 season.  He will send out the form to the Board members for review.  He also stressed the need for education of parents on how to properly fill out the score sheet, as there were many problems with incorrect sheets last year.  He complimented Blue Valley’s efforts at educating their parents last season.
There being no other new or unfinished business, the meeting was adjourned at 8pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Marty Dakan