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KCYLL Board Meeting
Monday, March 5, 2012
  1.  The conference call meeting was called to order at approximately 6:04pm.
Participating in the call were the following Board members:
Debbie Ward – Prairie Village                                           Mark Wood – Northland
Jack Yates – President, Pembroke Hill                            Randy Kurt – St. Paul’s
Mike Lettera – Past President, Northland             Hunter Anderson – Vice President
Bill Esry – Pembroke Hill                                                  Tracy Dujakovich – Olathe
Greg Goss – Brookside                                                    Janos Glynn – Blue Valley
Pierre Barbeau – Leawood                                               Marty Dakan – Secretary
  1.  President’s Report
The Contract with SMA Sports has been signed for the management of the fields for 2012 season.  Jack has ordered the grading cards for both team/coach and officials assessment.  Training for the managers will be held the morning of March 18th, and in the afternoon managers will participate in the Training Day games to be held at Rockhurst University.
Training Day is, as of meeting time, short an 8th grade team.  Anyone interested please contact Jack. 
Jack is meeting with officials on Tuesday, March 6th to make them aware of rule changes for the 2012 season.  The attempt to develop a Facebook page for KCYLL has stalled for now.  If there is someone interested in pursuing and running the FB page, please pass their name along to Jack.  He will be gone March 9-16th, but can respond to e-mail or can be reached on his phone at 719-682-3112.  If you are unable to reach Jack, Hunter can be contacted either by cell phone at 913-302-7028 or email at .
  1. By-Laws
 A great deal of the  changes in the By-Laws this year have already been discussed and voted upon, but there were several issues which still require Board approval. One issue in particular relates to the Fast Start teams.  Mike had suggested that, even though we won’t have any developmental teams this season, it would make sense to include the language already developed, as well as to include the following revised:
B. League Structure
B.1. Grades: 2 through 8 (aka Kansas City Youth Lacrosse League) - Programs can enter an unlimited number of teams in the KCYLL. Grades 2through 8 are considered to be “non-competitive”. “Non-Competitive” by definition requires Programs to hold open registration. “Try-outs” and other selection process are prohibited. Teams are allowed to group by any means such as school attended but are prohibited from grouping specifically by talent level and playing experience.
B.1.a Grade 7/8 Developmental (“Fast Start”) Division. This division is for the benefit of programs that have new or limited experience Grade7 and 8 players, defined as those players with one year or less lacrosse experience, who the coaches believe would benefit from a year’s participation with a developmental team or teams. A program with a sufficient number of players to form a 7/8 developmental team may do so and register as such. Those programs that do not have sufficient players to field a developmental team may combine such players with other programs in one or more developmental teams and register them as such. Players registered on developmental teams will be limited during the season to play on the developmental team for which they are registered. Newer programs with a majority of new players in Grades 7 and 8 may request the Executive Committee for permission to participate in the Developmental Division. Similarly, established programs with a small number of players, the majority of which are not-experienced may also request the Executive Committee for permission to participate in the Developmental Division. Consistent with KCYLL balanced team rules, Programs fielding more than one team in the Developmental Division must through draft or similar means ensure that the athletic talent is evenly distributed between or among the teams. At least four (4) 7/8 Fast Start teams must participate in a season for that Division to be recognized and scheduled for games.
B. 2. “Select Teams.” [This section is reserved for future use as the League grows and the number of teams increases. The Board will annually evaluate adding a Select Team as well as a Fast Start division.] In Grades 7 and 8 a Program can enter an unlimited number of teams in the KCYLL. Select Teams are those that a program creates through try-outs or on the basis of years of playing experience. Programs with two or more select teams in the same grade MUST hold a draft or employ other means to ensure the teams are balanced.
B. 3. As used in these by-laws, the term “balanced” means equivalent in skill and ability to the extent possible, and is specifically intended to prevent a program from assigning most or all of the better players to one team. A comparison of the won/loss records of same grade competitive teams will be one indicator of a program’s compliance with the balance rule. A program found to have violated the balanced team rule will be subject to sanctions by the Rules and Discipline Committee, including excluding the offending teams from participation in the post-season tournament.
Mike made the motion to accept the by-law as written, with the addition that the Board annually evaluates the viability of the Fast Start and Select Team division.  The motion was seconded by Debbie and passed by roll call unanimously.
By-Law F.1. included a further definition as to the eligibility of players with regards to high school team playing time.  “Eligible players are defined as being in the eighth grade or below during the spring season and who are not playing for a high school program club or school-sponsored lacrosse team.”  This addition was approved by roll call unanimously as well.
If there are any other concerns or questions with regards to the by-laws, please contact Jack.  Mike made a motion to accept all changes to this year’s by-laws.  Mark Wood seconded.  The motion passed unanimously, (again) by roll call.
  1. Budget
Janos reported that there was no news with regards to the budget.
  1. Field Committee Report
Debbie Ward had met with Greg Goss to go over the schedules and fields.  The schedule is in good shape, with extended hours available on April 15th at Rockhurst University if there are games that need to be rescheduled.  There is also field time available later in the season at Park Hill High School, which should be able to be booked on an as-needed basis.
Debbie asks that the Field Supervisors pick up supplies for each field on March 22nd from 3-6pm at her house.  She will accommodate those who need to come earlier or later, but please let her know when you plan to come if not during those hours.
There are some logistical issues due to the variety of fields being used.  Because not every field is available every Sunday, there will be a need to move equipment from one field or another.  Jack Yates offered the use of his “Goalmobile” trailer in the event it becomes necessary to easily transport goals from field to field.
Please let the contact at your field know if you need to cancel field time.
Jack applauded Debbie and Greg for all of their hard work in gaining field access and scheduling games!
  1. Scheduling Report
Greg discussed the process by which he scheduled the games this year, beginning with 8th, then 6th, 7th, then 5th grades.  He is hopeful that no major changes need to be made, but please inform him as soon as possible with any conflicts.  Once he hears from everyone, the schedules will be posted on the website.  The games were relatively easy to schedule this year, thanks in large part to the ample field times available.  He made every attempt to ensure even home and away games, as well as games played in close proximity to programs’ “homes.”  Having Saturday availability at fields also enabled him to ensure 8 game schedules.
Some divisions had odd number of teams, but this was easily accommodated.  One of Olathe’s 8th grade teams will potentially violate the 30% rule (number of players who have less than one year’s experience), and asked for a waiver for this year.  The waiver was approved.
There are actually 16 3-4th grade teams this year.  Greg debated whether to have a north and a south division, but opted for evenly splitting the divisions between programs so that one program won’t have their two teams playing against each other.  This division will play a total of 7 games (3-4th grade begins one week later than the older divisions).  They will have the option of scheduling (on their own!) a game against their own program’s team.
Discussion ensued as to the possibility of a year-end tournament.  With so many teams, it would be a challenge.  Mike suggested that, at the beginning of April, KCYLL revisit the pros and cons of having a year-end tournament at such a young level.  Debbie agreed, and suggested they could possibly just play one final game, with nothing on the line.  The number of teams in this age division has mushroomed from 10 last year to 16 this year.  Mike suggested that the coaches evaluate the year-end tournament.
Greg ran through how to access the schedule and roster of each program, and mentioned that the League Athletics system, when set up properly, can send e-mail reminders as well as generate rsvps for games.  Coaches/Managers can then verify that they have sufficient numbers to field a team or where they might have problems.  The following directions were supplied by Greg:
How to view your schedule:
click on “team”
click on season dropdown and select “Spring 2012”
Click on Division dropdown and select your division. 3rd/4th has 2 subdivisions “Clark & Lewis”
Click on Team dropdown to find your team.
The next ten events should show on the right side and should show all your league games. You could also click schedule on the left side for a full page view.
Once all schedules are approved, we will publish by announcing via blast email. Please check for inaccuracies like double headers in different locations. All changes outside of errors need to be changed by the two opposing teams.
Here is a video on how to teach parents how to notify the club about their son’s attendance for the entire season:
The admin can view the results of this RSVP system by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol on a particular teams schedule. You must be logged in as the admin to see this.
There will not be a bye week this year to accommodate those players who are travelling to South Bend, Ind. the weekend of April 29th to participate in the Rip the Duck tournament.  There were not enough game days to handle the rescheduled games, so teams are responsible for handling this on their own in the event that their team will be affected.  Programs shared the number of players who would potentially miss that day, and with the exception of the Blue Valley teams, all other programs should have sufficient players to field teams.  BV will handle their own rescheduling of games.  Be sure to check now rather than wait until the week before!
  1.  New Business
Mike will be coaching now at the high school level.  With so many new players moving up each year to high school, he suggested that programs be open-minded in the development of new players.  We have over 1000 boys register to play youth lacrosse in 2012, and the numbers will continue to grow.  Both Liberty and North Kansas City school districts are having open houses to try to develop their own programs.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:15pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Marty Dakan, Secretary