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KCYLL Board Meeting
Thursday, September 1, 2011
In Attendance:
Ken Bean – Northland                                                            R. Hunter Anderson
Jeremiah Ryden – Blue Valley                                               Randy Kurt – St Paul’s
Pierre Barbeau – Leawood                                                     Greg Goss - Brookside
Mark Wood – Northland                                                         Tim Hannon – Past President
Debbie Ward – Prairie Village                                     Heather Hertzler – Lee’s Summit
Karen Linville – Prairie Village                                                Eric Koford – Lee’s Summit
Jack Yates – Pembroke Hill                                                   Tracy Dujakovich – Olathe
Mike Lettera                                                                            Marty Dakan – Brookside
The Meeting was called to order at 6:40pm.  All clubs are represented at the meeting.
President’s Report
Mike asked that each club provide a parent representative who would attend the Board meetings in the future, in addition to coach and/or administrative representatives.  Each club should be represented at every meeting to insure thorough discussions and sound decisions affecting all programs and the league.
Mike recognized Mark Wood, the Northland’s new representative. Jeremiah stated that they would be appointing a new representative from the Blue Valley program.
Mike welcomed Tim Hannon, past president, to the meeting.
Survey Overview
Greg Goss covered the results of the survey which was e-mailed to all parents of participants in the KCYLL program this year.  There were a total of 197 respondents (administered through the website).  Those topics of concern which arose in last year’s survey seem to have been addressed (officiating, fields, communication), as there were fewer comments in those areas.  The website seems to address questions people have about various aspects of the program.  The information is there for parents to access.
Discussion about encouraging people to use the website yielded the suggestion that clubs have individual sites which would link to the main KCYLL website.  A number of clubs communicate sufficiently so that it is not as necessary for parents to access the website to get information.
One point to be considered:  Scheduling the year-end tournament for the weekend of June 3-4.  With the potential expansion of the number of teams participating in the league (in keeping with the increasing popularity of the sport), it is possible to need to look for another location for the year-end tournament.
In Janos’ absence, Mike presented the budget.  The actual League budget came in right at projections.  After expenses of the website, insurance (3-year policy for the Board), meeting and game expenses (including 4 turf fields this year), as well as referee expenses, we have a balance of $9,930.05 in the bank as of this meeting.  How those funds will be used will be decided at the October meeting (possibilities include training and equipment).  It is likely that referee expenses will increase next year, with more games as well as an increase in fees.
A meeting with John Dehan at Call the Game will assist in next year’s budget.  It is also likely that we will need to add another turf field to next year’s schedule.
(Side discussion centered on lacrosse play in the fall in the future and the possibility of expanding KCYLL presence outside of the spring season. ESB is offering a fall league and club teams are filling this void at the present time.  A future discussion by the Board could explore the KCYLL’s expansion into offering fall programs.)

Candidate for President
As of the meeting, there have been no formal applications to replace Mike as President.  An appointment prior to the October meeting needs to be made.  One potential candidate was discussed, but there could be a potential conflict of interest, which will need to be explored.  It was decided that the Board must first define what is wanted from a leader, as well as what direction the league wants to take in the future.
Jack Yates made a motion that the Executive Committee be charged with identifying those qualities the League is looking for in their new leader, then the group will nominate a candidate.  It was suggested that Tim Hannon be included in the group that already consists of Mike, Hunter, Janos and Marty.  A date has been set for September 29th for compiling the list and securing the candidate.  The motion passed unanimously.
By-Laws Changes and Action Plans
1)       Grade Level Contact in Grade 6.  Discussion as to the physical nature of 6th grade league play this year led to a motion to take back contact to “one step.” 
A Motion was made to take steps allowed in a check back to one step. The Motion passed with a majority of votes, with 3 dissenters.
A Point of Emphasis needs to be made at the beginning of the season with regards to properly fitted equipment.  Too many of the boys are wearing ill-fitting (or even hockey) helmets, which led to an increase in concussions reported this season.  Safety on the field should be our primary concern.
2)      Roster Rule Clarification & Consequences.  Three incidents were reported this year where players in a game were not included in the game roster (or a roster was not provided at all).  The exchange of rosters prior to the start of a game must be enforced.  The by-laws, under Section F. Eligibility and Roster Management, cover this issue and needs to be followed.
A Field Manager (whose prospective duties are outlined in a memo provided by Jack Yates) could be responsible for enforcing in this area.
A Motion was made to enforce the exchange of full roster prior to the start of a game was made, seconded and passed unanimously.  Consequences will be addressed by a newly created Discipline Committee.
3)       Incident Report Process.  This year Mike Lettera, as President, received all incident reports, and referred specific issues to the Executive Committee for a decision.  This can be a time-consuming responsibility, so a
Motionwas made, by Pierre, to form a Discipline Committee, who will be responsible for handling such issues in the future.  The motion was seconded by Ken, and passed unanimously.
4)       Coaches Ejections.  Several coaches were cited for issues by referees during games this season and two were ejected from games.  Consequences need to be spelled out and the charge with determining penalties will be assigned to the newly formed Discipline Committee. 
A Motion was made by Pierre to assign this issue to the Discipline Committee, seconded, and passed unanimously.
A Point of Emphasis was made that discussion between the referees at Call the Game and the coaches should take place prior to the season, to clear up any confusion as to what will and will not be allowed.
(An informal plan would be to eject the coach during the game, suspend for one additional game on the first offense.  The second ejection would result in suspension for the season.  An ejection in the next season would result in the “death penalty.”)
Constitutional Changes
1)       Mike emphasized the importance of independent Board representation from each Club.  There needs to be a parent in addition to coaches weighing in on decisions made at the Board level, and each Club needs to be represented at each meeting.  All were in agreement.
2)       Establishment of A & B divisions within upper grade levels.  It was decided that this issue will be tabled until a new President has been appointed and in office.  At that point, the issue will be discussed with the clubs to determine if this is feasible, dependent upon numbers of boys playing and skill levels.
3)      Travel Team Activity during KCYLL Season.  Another issue to be tabled until the new President assumes office.
Scheduling Software
It was recommended that new software be purchased by KCYLL to assist with managing the website and handling the complicated issue of scheduling.  It is estimated that the new software will cost between $500-600, so needs a vote of the Board. 
Pierre made a Motion that we spend between $500-600 to purchase the new software, it was seconded by Kent and passed unanimously.
 It was suggested that a meeting take place between the website administrators and the Lee’s Summit program’s administrator for assistance in choosing the right software for the job.
Committee Formulation
It was recommended early this year that, in addition to attending Board meetings, Board members serve on one committee during the year.  The following Chairmen were nominated and accepted positions.  It was asked that the other members forward their committee preference to Marty, who will handle assignments to the committees.
Fields:  Debbie Ward
(This will include contacts/contracts for fields, overseeing said fields, and will act as liaison for all contacts.  It will be beneficial for clubs in various areas around the city – who have the right contacts with the fields! – to participate in this committee).  The responsibility of Field Supervisor could also fall under this committee.
Discipline/Rules:  Pierre Barbeau
Website/Scheduling:  Greg Goss & Randy Kurtz
New Business
Mike Lettera was presented with a gift in appreciation for his strong leadership and hard work with the KCYLL program.  He will be greatly missed!
The meeting was adjourned at 8pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Marty Dakan