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What grades can my child start playing? Currently the earliest grade level varies depending on what area you live in.   The Brookside, Prairie Village, Northland and Leawood clubs all have programs for boys that start in 2nd grade. Brookside and Prairie Village have programs that start in 5th grade for girls. Other clubs are expanding to meet the needs of their neighborhoods as quickly as they can.
Do I have to live in a certain geographic are to play lacrosse? No, but players who have a club for their grade-level serving their neighborhood are encouraged to play for that club. Others can play for the club that is closest or most convenient to them.
Where are games played? This year we will have three to four locations where games will be played and your team will be expected to travel to those locations.
How much does it cost? The average cost of equipment for boys is around $225 and club dues for the season are anywhere from $100 to $175 for the season. The cost for girls is lower. All players must also be register with US Lacrosse for insurance which is $25.
What if my child does not like it? Can I get my money back on the equipment? With the rapid growth of lacrosse in Kansas City it is relatively easy to find somebody to buy your old equipment. There is an exchange area of the site for used equipment.
My child is involved with other competitive sports. Can he/she just play in the games and not come to lacrosse practice? That depends on the policy of the club but generally the more attendance equals more game time.
How often do teams practice and play games? Currently most teams practice twice during the week and games are played once a week on Sundays for 5th grade and up and Saturdays for 2nd-4th grade boys.
When does the season start? The main season is Spring and generally will run from early April until the weekend following Memorial Day. Some teams will start practicing early March.   
What other lacrosse opportunities exist after the main season? There are many camps in Kansas City and outside of Kansas City in addition to travel lacrosse teams that compete at tournaments in the region and beyond. Youth summer and indoor leagues are also available. All these opportunities will be promoted on the KCYLL.org site.
Does my child need playing experience on any one of these levels? No, everyone who is wants to play can find a team to play for.