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KCYLL Meeting minutes
November 19, 2009

In attendance:

Randy Kurt
Holly Milledge
Greg Goss
Tim Hannon
Mike Lettera                                                  
Johnetta Cox - KS City KS, girls youth                                                                       
Hunter Anderson
Ken Bean
Jonas Glynn
Joe Vasta
Rob Worrell - Pembroke
Mark Eimer
Jennifer Slinkard – Girls Umpire
Meeting was called to order by Mike Lettera and minutes from the last meeting were approved.
We have come a long way but we need to recruit more volunteers to help.
Old Business –
Rich Hilliard resigned as VP. Anyone interested in becoming VP of KCYL Association should contact Mike Lettera. A possibly attorney would be helpful.
Feilds –
We have the East turf field on Sundays. Holly is calling to reserve it from 11-7 instead of 12-6.
She will also ask if we can line with low residual tape instead of chalk.
Barstow Grass field is $1500 for the 8 weeks. Expensive and possibly not need since we now have Little Mill Creek, three grass fields at 79th and Pflumm.
Northland – Newmark 3 grass fields
Platte Park
Possibly Blackbob
Randy Kurt has asked St. Paul’s parent Mark Faber about the Sprint Center indoor, possibly for game of the week
Girls have BVNW turf field on Sunday afternoons.
Marketing – Poster s are ready to go up. Mark Eimer will continue development on our logo and bring to one of the next meetings. More ideas for use of posters.. shoot more kids, do hang cards, ect..
Posters are up at Northland Sports Authority.
Hunter Andererson checking with Dick’s Sporting goods.
Call the Game – John Dehan did a clinic for officials in Northland, had 14 hoys. He will have plenty of refs for our 2010 season. He is working with Justin to do an officials clinic.
We will use Call the game for all games, 2-8th grade boys.
He will be work with Julie Wittman on girls officiating.
US Lacrosse update – Fast Break coming to KC. First priority is coaching clinic in the month of February. 2nd priority will be officials clinic. These will be both girls and boys.
US Lacrosse possibly making an announcement before January 15th about Great Plains Chapter.
We will try to hold some type of parent team manager class as well.
New Business – Girls will sign up though KCYLL web site.
Finances – Janos needs estimated costs of fields ect.. to determine fees for each team.
Rough estimate on number of teams.
7/8th – 11
5/6th – 14
2/3/4th – 5
Girls – 7
Johnetta finding out how much it would be to have MAST at the fields.
Equipment exchange – Possibly do this among your own team.
Dick’s and Sports Authority will give coaches coupons.
Constitution- will help govern us in more detail
If you have 5 or more teams you can bring another delegate to the meetings. You will receive t2 votes on any issues that need voting. However, 2nd person must be present at the meeting. Advanced notice will be sent out.
Conflict of interest section in place to keep us all “in check.”
Joe Vasta moved to adopt the Constitution and Tim Hannon 2nd the motioned. It was voted and approved.
Discussion on the committees and assigning interested attendees.

Field Committee:

Lead: Jeremiah Ryden (I did speak to Jeremiah today and he was going to call you)
Pennie Vasta (girls)
Holly Milledge
Wes Kramer or Joe Diponio (I will call them to represent the Northland fields and be on the field committee)

Officials / Rules Committee:
Lead: Mike Lettera
Rob Worrell (Pembroke)
Jennifer Slinkard (Girls Lacrosse Umpire)

Coach Development Committee:
Lead:  Hunter Anderson
We'll need to tie Hunter into the 11/30 meeting on Fast Break since there will be discussion about Feb Coach Clinic.
I spoke to Hunter today and let him know about the date.  
We discussed what the plead position could mean and some suggestions.
- Coaches meeting prior to the season to lay out priorities, Positive Coaching Alliance Guest Speaker
- A check and balance on the by laws and how the coaches work within the guidelines, recommend changes and improvements

Club Development Committee:
Lead: Greg Goss
Ken Bean

2)Greg Goss spoke about registration thru the KCYLL site and holding a seminar/webinar to get all coaches up to speed on using and posting the rosters.
The website can handle a downloaded excel file.
Benefit of roster on KCYLL site is communication when practices and games need to be communicated.  It is listed in our by laws all rosters will be posted.

Next Meeting Date Jan 6th or 7th to be held at Lee Jeans offices