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Youth Lacrosse Minutes
March 11, 2009
In attendance:
Tim Hannon
Randy Kurt
Holly Milledge
Dan Hapke
Greg Goss
Jason Ford
Mike Lettera
Giovanna Proctor
Ken Bean
Peter Novak
Games will be played at Lakewood Middle School at 144th and Lamar. We have the fields from 11- 6.
Cost is $3 per field, per hour. About $50 per day.
We will buy two new goals and try to find two used to use this year. We will need to buy 4 new nets.
Holly will check with Mark Weisz on goal price.
Porta poddy – Holly will look into cost of having one delivered Sunday AM, picked up Sunday night..
The field can be striped, Jason looking into that cost. Asked for it to be striped twice.
Rain-out number: It will be the Johnson County Parks and Rec Rain-out line. (Will come from Jason).
JOCO – 1
Pembroke – 1
PV – 2
Brookside – 2
Olathe – 1
St. Paul’s – 1
Northland – 1 
St. Paul’s – 2
Brookside – 3
PV – 2
Pembroke – 1
Northland – 1
JOCO – 2
Clubs with two or more teams will play other clubs first... not their own club.
Tim Hannon’s philosophy on youth is that all kids play all positions. On rotation system, should not get stuck in one position at the youth level.
Pulling from 2nd team:
If one club team is running short on players they are allowed to bring no more than 3 players over from t heir other team. This must be approved by the opposing coach.
Each team will have to designate 3 “no Swing” or “franchise” players. These players will not be allowed to play in the other team’s game.
All teams must have “Roster Integrity.”
Tournament – no teams may pull from other teams for the tournament. You must play with team roster only.
Olathe – If Olathe needs more players one week, she can pull from JOCO or another team to have 10 on the field at once.
Officials Clinic –
25 people showed up. A test is being emailed to them. They need to email back by the deadline.
Jon Brennamen is handling officials for us. Dan will be there the first Sunday to manage the refs, since Jon will be out of town. Officials must arrive 30 minutes before their game time. We will pay all officials $25 per game.
We agreed to pay Jon $100 per weekend.
Freshman and sophomores will officiate 5/6th grade teams only, unless extreme circumstances they are needed elsewhere.
Website seminar:
Wed. March 18th Greg will set up conference call to teach one person from each club how to use the website. Time TBD.
Every Club should put in their numbers so we can track our total number of youth players this season.
US Lacrosse Chapter in KC:
Check emails for updates on this.
U 15 Select team.
Tryouts will be in May. Evaluators are Kevin Kelly, Joe Vasta. Mike will be available too if needed.
Next meeting May 20,  2009