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Youth Lacrosse Meeting
Nov. 12, 2008
Greg Goss – Brookside
Holly Milledge – PV
Dan Hapke – Pembroke
Randy Kurt – St. Paul’s
Tim Hannon - Brookside
Ken Bean – Northland
Ryan McGlaughlin – Brookside
Treasurers Report
We decided to establish a KC Youth Lacrosse Bank account. Ryan McGlaughlin will be our treasurer and open an account at Country Club Bank. All fees will be deposited into this account.
Holly Milledge will serve as secretary.
Holly Milledge and Greg Goss will look into fields for spring league play.
Holly will contact Wizards practice facility and Greg will contact complex where youth football is played at I 435 and 152 highway.
Tim Hannon is in contact with Leawood Parks and Rec.
The first game will be March 29th.
Team sign up deadline will be to Steve Penrod by Feb. 25th. Complete rosters can come in behind.
League game schedule to be completed by March 11th.
We would like to play Sat. of Easter weekend. Ester is April 12th this year.
The first rain out will be not be rescheduled by the league. Consecutive rains out will need to be rescheduled.
There will be a playoff again for 5/6th grade and 7/8th grade.
Youth clinic in January.
Holly reported that Great Plains was putting on a coaching clinic in January and youth clinic could follow and be held in conjunction with this.
It was determined that we were too soon for SMA to manage youth lacrosse. Our fees would go up and we felt we needed to keep fees low to attract more players at this stage.
US Lacrosse membership
Everyone will add $25 to their fees to pay for US Lacrosse membership for each of their players. You can register your entire team on line, forms can be downloaded too for parents to sign at sign up. US Lacrosse recommends all parents sign the waiver part of the form. Coach can keep this.
We will be able to get insurance through US lacrosse as well by doing this.
Dan Hapke will be in charge of youth refs. He will be in touch with John Brenon (sp?) to have a clinic for high school boys who want to ref. Any high school boy wanting to ref youth games MUST attend this clinic.
Dan also has a contact at Harrow Lacrosse. He can outfit youth teams and is willing to come to a sign up meeting with equipment to try one ect. He will then deliver within three to five days .In return, he may be able to provide us with four goals.
His name and contact information will come under separate email.
The next meeting will be held December 10, 6 – 7 PM Minsky’s on Main.